24 get to know me questions

  1. What is your middle name: Ashley
  2.  What is your favorite drink: Wine or Water
  3. What is your favorite song at the moment: Vice – Miranda Lambert
  4. What is your favorite food: Sushi Sushi Sushi!!!!
  5. What is the last thing you bought: Garth Brooks tickets!
  6. Favorite book of all time: Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers
  7. Favorite Color: Green and Purple
  8. Do you have any pets: With my parents! Harley, Yorkshire Terrier. Cricket & Missy, Cats
  9. Favorite Perfume: Fantasy – Britney Spears, man I’m lame.
  10. Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  11. Are you married: Ha, no. I can’t even find someone to sit through a whole dinner with.
  12. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times: None yet, but I have a list!
  13. Do you speak any other language: No, but I can do a mean Russian accent.
  14. How many siblings do you have: One Brother, today is actually his 22nd birthday. Yeah, he’s feeling 22.
  15. What is your favorite store: Lovesick
  16. Favorite restaurant: Fusian or Raising Canes!
  17. When was the last time you cried: Umm, I cry all the time. #overemotional
  18. Favorite Blog: I don’t have a favorite one yet. Any suggestions?
  19. Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice
  20.  Favorite TV show: Dancing with the Stars
  21. PC or Mac: PC, because that’s what I have.
  22. What phone do you have: Iphone 6splus
  23. How tall are you: 5’4”ish
  24. Can you cook: Yes, but the question is “Do I cook?”

I thought this might be a fun little thing to do. If you’d like to do it too, I’d love to read about you!

I wish you enough



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