So this is blogging

I should start with letting you know, typically I find myself pretty computer savvy. Currently I’m finding out how incredibly computer illiterate I really am. Trying to figure out how I want things set up, what looks best. Do I add music? A video? Gahhh! So many options. So I’ll be changing things little by little.

I have tried and failed mercilessly with blogging in the past. I decided to made a deal with myself to be more transparent, to make more of an effort to include family and friends in what I’m doing. As we all know life can get a little crazy, busy and hectic. So this is where my blog will hopefully come into play. A chance for self expression, updates on life, thoughts, adventures.

I rarely follow through on things. I get the great idea to do something and the excitement of it wears off as soon as something else catches my eye. Even now, I’m sitting here writing this while watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, that I have seen at least 10 times.

That being said, welcome. Here goes nothing.

I wish you enough




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