year of concerts

So today is an exciting day. Today I bought tickets to see the man, the legend, Garth Brooks in concert!

2016 has been a pretty exciting year for me. I’ve dubbed it my “year of concerts”. Here’s as good of place as any to tell you why I annoyingly hashtagged, snapchatted, and took a million pictures at concerts all year.

My obsession with going to as many concerts in 2016, started in September of 2015. I live in Dayton, Ohio. We are between Columbus and Cincinnati, where a lot of major concerts happen. Dayton has a couple venues that people come to as well. Basically I’m sitting in one of the best concert spots in Ohio. On a whim I decided to buy tickets to see Dirks Bentley, Kip Moore, Maddie & Tae, & Canaan Smith. I convinced the man I had been dating for over two years to go with me. The drive that normally takes an hour, took almost double the time because there was a storm from hell blowing through. The concert had been pushed back until the storm was over, so we took our time getting there.

I had been dating C for over 2 years at this point. Lord, I loved that man but after two years the things we had in common were few and far between. We had different beliefs, different outlooks on life, and while we usually watched Dancing with the Stars on Monday nights, or listened to my music in the car I felt smothered by what he enjoyed and worried more about making him happy than myself. That brings us to the concert. We finally got there, found our seats, and from the moment we sat down he had a crappy attitude. Huffing and puffing, head in hands acting like the biggest martyr in history. We stayed for all the opening acts and left 4 songs into Dirks set. It was the first concert I had been to in years, and I was so excited and my entire night was ruined by a man child throwing a fit. I was unbelievably disappointed, especially knowing that I accompany him to the comic store and I support the things he is interested in, and try to find common ground. He however couldn’t even pretend to enjoy the moment for me.

That night showed me a lot. Is it the only reason my relationship failed? Absolutely not. Was it a tipping point? Yep. When we ended things 2 months later, I told myself that I was going to start doing things that I wanted to do and be adventurous.

Enter 2016. I will have been to 22 concerts by years’ end. Lots of money spent, lots of miles traveled, lots of beers drank, lots of standing in line, singing at the top of my lungs, and lots of fun had. Big names and small names. Terrible and great venues. I’ve made friends with artists, made them buckeyes, had meals with them. Spent time with the girls whom I call my concert BFF’s, made some in incredible memories. I’ve learned so much about myself and have finally known what it’s like to feel free, and live the life I want to live. I already have three shows lined up for next year. Next year will not be my year of concerts, granted I will still be attending, just not religiously. Here’s a list of the show’s I’ve been to and have lined up!

1/20/2016 Kane Brown w/Sam Grow
1/24/2016 Dancing with the Stars Live
1/29/2016 Chris Young w/Casadee Pope
2/19/2016 Brantley Gilbert w/Canaan Smith & Michael Ray
3/3/2016 Carter Winter w/Eric Ondrus
3/9/2016 Fall Out Boy w/AWOL NATION & Pvris
3/10/2016 Sam Grow
4/21/2016 Lee Brice w/Maddie &Tae & Dylan Scott
5/21/2016 Sam Grow
5/28/2016 Kane Brown w/Chris Lane & Lanco
6/18/2016 Florida Georgia Line w/ Cole Swindell, The Cadillac Three & Kane Brown
6/23/2016 Sam Grow
6/26/2016 Rascal Flatts w/Kelsea Ballerini & Chris Lane
7/15/2016 Carter Winter
7/21/2016 Jason Aldean w/Thomas Rhett & A Thousand Horses
7/22/2016 Kane Brown
8/2/2016 98 Degrees w/ Otown, Dream & Ryan Cabrera
8/13/2016 Luke Bryan w/ Little Big Town & Dustin Lynch
8/14/2016 Chris Janson w/ Carter Winter
9/24/2016 Sam Grow
11/5/2016 Kane Brown w/Jordan Rager
12/1/2016 Cam
1/25/2017 Luke Combs
1/29/2017 Garth Brooks
3/1/2017 Maren Morris


Next year starts something even more exciting. The next 10 years are going to be my “decade of travel”. I want to go everywhere. I want to travel the world. We’ll talk about this another time.

Thanks for reading as I reminisce and get so stinking excited for what’s to come.

I wish you enough.



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